Independence Day Recovery Eucharist 2015

This was a really cool day.

I was asked to be the presiding and only musician at the Recovery Eucharist on Independence Day 2015.

The service was a special offering from the Diocese of Atlanta during the International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The service incorporated the 12-step program as part of the worship service.

I sang ¬†“Be Thou My Vision;” as the a capella offertory solo, and at communion I offered “Dear God and Ruler of Mankind.”

I also played two of my original violin compositions, one as the prelude and one as the postlude.

Participants who spoke to me referenced the music at the Recovery Eucharist as beautiful, worshipful, and in harmony with their spiritual needs. What higher praise could one ask for?!

Here’s a later version of one of my compositions: I overlaid my singing and violin playing simultaneously in the the studio. (This would be a difficult feat to accomplish during live performance. LOL!)